LPGUK offer the best possible LPG Prices in Essex and is the web-based sister company of long-established Extra Gas

Renowned as one of the leading suppliers of LPG in the North West, LPG UK has a board of Directors who bring over 30 years’ experience within the LPG industry, to the business.

LPG UK has been built from delivering bottled gas in just two vans to customers in the local vicinity, to now having a fleet of four vans and two 7.5T delivery trucks, four 18 T Rigids and Two 18 T Artics.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience of the LPG industry, it was a natural progression for LPG UK to move into the distribution of bulk LPG. Concentrating on delivery in the North West, LPG UK has an impressive fleet of five tankers and is still expanding.

Always interested in exploring new avenues and being aware of our customers’ needs, the move to a web-based company was a natural progression. LPG UK is designed to meet the needs and demands of our customers who prefer the ease and flexibility of a web-based service. There is no demand on your time so you can shop for your LPG and related services at your leisure.

The introduction of the Competition Commission has had a huge impact on the industry, making it easier for customers to change suppliers to suit their needs.To add to the ease, we make no distinction between our customers. Whether you fill once, or ten times a year, we are confident that we can offer you the best price for LPG in Essex and surrounding areas.

Essex LPG for Domestic & Business Customers

For homes and business situated off mains gas, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is the perfect choice for a consistent and efficient fuel supply. LPG is recognised as a more environmentally friendly fuel option as it emits less carbon dioxide than other rural fuels. Unlike other off mains fuels, with LPG you can still cook on a living flame and have a real flame fire.

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Everyone is looking to cut their costs as much as possible. Find out what price we can offer for your LPG in Essex.